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6 Reasons to Switch to Organic Beauty

Toxic ingredients
Most people know Talc, might cause cancer. Parabens and Triclosan were found in the breast cancer tumor. Fragrances might cause irritation and disrupt hormone. However, there are more toxic ingredients weren't on the label because they are not even in the ingredient list while formulating. 1,4-Dioxane, for example, is a carcinogen which is a byproduct of a procedure called ethoxylation. Ingredients such as sodium laureth sulfate, (PEG). polyethylene glycol – in their name has eth – that are most likely tests positive for 1,4-Dioxane.


Environmental impact
Most of cosmetics product packed in a plastic packaging, which causes additional burden to the environment. Plastics take 1000 years to decompose. A total of 1.8 trillion plastic pieces were estimated to be floating in the patch – a plastic count that is equivalent to 250 pieces of debris for every human in the world.  Most of plastics ended up in the landfill that pollutes our ocean, kill wildlife, poison the natural food chain, compromise human health…it’s a vicious cycle that needs to end.


Animal cruelty
According to Wikipedia, one new ingredient in any cosmetic product used in these tests could lead to the deaths of at least 1,400 animals. The history of animal testing is back in 1937, a mistake was made that ended up changing the
pharmaceutical industry drastically. A company created a medicine “to treat streptococcal infections”, and without any scientific research, the medicine was out on shelves. This medicine turned out to be extremely poisonous to people, leading to large poisoning outbreaks followed by over 100 deaths. This epidemic led to a law being passed in 1938, called the U.S. Food, Drug, and Cosmetics Act, enforcing more rigorous guidelines on cosmetic products. After this law was
passed companies looked to animals to test their products, in turn, creating the first encounters of cosmetic animal testing. However, unlike pharmaceuticals services a function for curing certain disease or used for
treatment. Most cosmetics are used for enhancing the look and formulated with mostly inactive ingredients, which should be considered safe. In my view, it’s a chemist’s job to formulate a product with non-toxic ingredients to improve the product safety and minimize the need for animal testing.



Organic ingredients are inherently beneficial to your skin

In traditional beauty, there are so many synthetic or toxic ingredients added to the product just to make it feels more luxurious, smells better, shelf-stable for many years, and more. But none of these ingredients are serving our skin if not making it worse. Silicones tend to make the product feels better, but it might clog your pores. Fragrance might make the product smells better, but it might disrupt your hormones. Phenoxyethanol, Parabens might make your product can stay shelf-stable for years, but these are harmful to your skin and body. EDTA/BHT are making the product appear to be stable and having negative health influence on your body.
Organic ingredients, on the contrary, might make the product feel oily, not smell as floral as fragrances, not going to be shelf-stable for years, but they are toxic-free and nourish your skin. Organic ingredients typically less process and packed with antioxidants from the plant is derived from and improve your skin health over time.


Better for the planet

Organic farming itself is more sustainable to the planet. All the plants are harvested without synthetic pesticides, fertilizers, hormones, and makes the farming environment more sustainable and healthier for the planet. It helps protect the environment, decrease soil degradation and erosion, minimize pollution.
Most of the organic beauty companies are not only care about ingredients but also care much more about their packaging. This will further reduce the carbon footprint for the beauty products they created.
When it comes to achieving zero waste, reduce, reuse, recycle aren't enough. Companies need to think about a redesign. Companies need to take the responsibility to design a packaging that can potentially be reused, compost, or at least recycled. Gladly, there are many green companies are on their way of doing so.


Take care of your body and mind

Switching to an organic beauty routine will set you on the path to better take care of yourself and body. This switch will help you eliminate hundreds of potential toxins from your life and living a better and healthier life. It also reduces the potential for hormone disruption caused by chemicals, which might cause
various mental and physical issues. Switching to an organic beauty routine will give you peace of mind to stop worrying about what you put onto your skin and body.

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