Sponge + Cloth - VENICS
Sponge + Cloth - VENICS
Sponge + Cloth - VENICS
Sponge + Cloth - VENICS
Sponge + Cloth - VENICS
Sponge + Cloth - VENICS
Sponge + Cloth - VENICS
Sponge + Cloth - VENICS

Sponge + Cloth

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The flattened sides sponge is designed for blending, baking and contouring.

It comes with a gorgeous metallic traveling case made with titanium alloy, which protects the shade of the sponge and rust-resistant.  

Direction: Please wet the  sponge before use, and wash the sponge after use. Let it dry before putting it back to the carrying case. Recommend replacing the sponge every three months.

Easy Steps: 

  1. Blending: Use the flat side to blend out the foundation.
  2. Contouring: Use the other flat side to carve out the cheekbones.
  3. Baking: Use the flat top side for baking the under eyes, under the cheekbone, chin and nose area.

Founder's product story:

I’ve been traveling a lot for business and personal reasons. One thing had always been a hustle was how to carry my beauty sponges. Wrapping them in tissue paper? reusable bags? or just letting them float around my makeup bag?

I can’t find an elegant yet sustainable solution. That was my motivation to develop the perfect sponge with its own carrying case. I wanted to use a sustainable material that’s super durable and rust-resisting. I came up with this gorgeous rose gold color metal container, that’s just so elegant and pleasant to carry with during travel or any occasion.

I wanted sponge can be used for all purpose – blending, baking and contouring. We’ve designed this double flat top sponge that’s perfect tor all these purposes.

I love how to flat top and the density of the sponge gives the foundation a great coverage and beautiful glowy finish. I love how easy you can bake your under eyes with the flat top. My favorite way to use it is to use the flat top side to carve out the contour – which was why we wanted to call it a contour sponge. The sharpen edge defines the cheek structure perfectly. It is also super friendly to makeup beginners.

Hope you’ll enjoy it as much as we do,

Live beautifully, live sustainably.


Why We Developed This Product:

Hundreds of tons wastes from makeup wipes are piling up in the landfill. The synthetic fibers won’t break down, while the chemicals and preservatives will pollute our planet. We developed a sustainable reusable solution with ultra soft fiber that would take off makeup easily with or without other makeup removing products.


Ultra soft material designed for taking off makeup effectively.

Our makeup removing cloth can be used up to 1000 times  = up to 4000 pieces of makeup wipes.


Apply makeup remover and remove makeup with this cloth.

This ultra soft cloth will take off every last bit of makeup and leave your skin soft and glowy. Wash the cloth after uses with hand or machine.

Founder's product story:

Part of my daily struggle was to find makeup wipe alternatives that would remove my makeup effectively with zero waste.

My passion for solving this problem lead me to try out SO MANY cloth solutions but none of them are ideal. Some of them were too harsh, some of them were not able to clean the makeup, some of them were just not durable and very difficult to wash. I wanted a face cloth that can cover my entire face and clean up the very last bit of makeup residual, easy for machine wash even when I blend with my laundries. Very soft and non-irritating, most importantly - sustainable.

Our cloth can be washed up to 1000- times. Let’s do quick math, that would equal to up to 4000 makeup wipes (I personally would use 2-4 pieces depends on the situation). 

We are truly dedicated in our mission to always find the best solution for you.

Live beautifully, live sustainable.

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