What's special about it?

  • Zero Waste Makeup Removing Solution

  • Mega size to cut down the make up removing time by 50%

  • Zero makeup residual left behind after use

"I am SO impressed with this cloth! Its so soft and works like a charm to remove makeup quickly and gently! Makeup removing cloths have been a go-to of mine for a few years, I really enjoy that they are reusable and easy to use. However this one from Venics has become my NEW favorite! The price is great, but the SIZE of it is what sets it apart for me. Most other remover cloths are long and narrow, so I appreciate that this one is both long and wide. I feel that helps for quicker makeup removal, as I can use it over most of my face in one swipe! ♥ Very impressed and highly recommend!"


"Like I said in the title, I've tried a lot of these makeup removing towels and this is my favorite one so far! I don't ever remove my makeup with wipes or a towel. I double cleanse with an oil and then a cleanser but I wear waterproof eyeliner and mascara and there's ALWAYS something left behind so I like to dry my face and remove left over makeup with this and it works great! I like this one the most because it's the softest one I have which is nice since I'm rubbing it on my eyes and I don't want it to be too harsh and it gets the job done so I would definitely recommend it!!"


"My skin and I love this cloth. Super impressed with how well this cloth performed and the ease of it all. With just water your able to cut your makeup removing process time in half. So soft and gentle, it really is the perfect cloth for your skin."


"I LOVE this makeup removing cloth!!! This works so well to remove all my makeup, here comes the best part, WITH JUST WATER! I didn’t even need to use makeup remover with the cloth. You can if you want, but you honestly don’t need to. I still wash my face with cleanser to make sure I don’t leave any makeup clogging my pores. Honestly, this is hands down the easiest and most cost effective way to remove your makeup and I definitely recommend it!"



At Venics, we make products that are better, cleaner, produce less waste, and make more of an impact. Our products are free from harmful chemicals, relying solely on organic, all-natural, sustainable, and responsible ingredients and materials. In line with our belief that beauty is more than skin-deep, we donate to children in need to amplify our impact. Here are the three overarching factors that make Venics so unique.

For just a dollar a daily, you can feed one child a day in a developing country. That’s why we make a donation per product sold to potentially prevent death through the power of nutrition. Our goal is to help 1M kids by 2020. By investing in our products, you could make an impact on the world.

Venus Wang

Founder and CEO