Glowy Skin Makeup Removing Cloth™
  • Save 50% time for makeup removal

  • Save on average $100/year from makeup removal products

  • No chemical, No waste, just water. 



At Venics, we make products that are better, cleaner, produce less waste, and make more of an impact. Our products are free from harmful chemicals, relying solely on sustainable, and responsible ingredients and materials. In line with our belief that beauty is more than skin-deep, we donate to children in need to amplify our impact. Here are the three overarching factors that make Venics so unique.

For just a dollar a daily, you can feed one child a day in a developing country. That’s why we make a donation per product sold to potentially prevent death through the power of nutrition. Our goal is to help 1M kids by 2020. By investing in our products, you could make an impact on the world.

Venus Wang

Founder and CEO

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