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Founder's Story

Before getting pregnant with my first child, I never gave much thought to my diet and beauty routine. Sure, I did my best to be healthy - but I never thought to explore what goes on behind-the-scenes in the health and beauty industries.
When I was pregnant, I switched into full-on Mother Lion mode, doing everything in my power to keep my body healthy and toxin-free for my baby. That’s when I learned the truth about the products we blindly put on our skin.
It was only when I started making my own products from scratch in my humble Seattle apartment kitchen that I really started to see everything wrong with beauty products. When was the last time you checked ingredients? I did - and I was horrified. We are literally feeding our bodies with junk that disrupts hormones, toxifies organs, clogs pores, irritates the skin, and even contributes to cancer. And - that’s not even taking the packaging into account, bursting with plastics and wastes that wreak havoc on the only planet we call home.
So, seeing as I couldn’t find the solution, I made it. VENICS is a beauty brand that delivers high-performance cosmetics through the power of nature. My team and I use nothing but the most natural, organic ingredients - delivered with love using eco-friendly packaging.
We believe real beauty happens by going above and beyond. We want to make every woman feel beautiful inside out. What’s more, we donate a portion of all proceeds to children in needs.
I hope you’ll join us on this exciting journey.


Venus Wang

Founder and CEO