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Our Sustainability Promise

If you think it’s time for the beauty industry to become more sustainable, you aren’t alone! We’re ready to see this shift in mindfulness, and we’re here to offer you eco-friendly, sustainable products.

While we are nearing this shift toward sustainability, there are still many concerns with standard packaging in the cosmetics industry. The packaging of beauty products can have detrimental effects on our earth. The waste produced is tremendous, and it’s time to do something about it.

Packaging Waste

Despite the strides toward sustainability, the beauty industry is still one of the biggest culprits of waste, as each person throws away an average of 16 plastic cosmetic packages over the span of one year. Your beauty products should complement your sustainable lifestyle, and this all begins with the packaging. By developing packaging and products that are reusable, recyclable, and biodegradable, we can reduce waste and create a better world for future generations. 

Plastic Waste

Unfortunately, we all tend to be guilty of this, as plastic is one of the material almost unavoidable in a modern life. According to the annual report from Zero Waste Week, around 120 billion units of plastic are produced worldwide annually, from the global cosmetics industry alone. Almost all of this ends up in a waste landfill, polluting our Earth. 

Plastic is the polar opposite of biodegradable, with an average lifespan of 1,000 years. In this time span, oceans are polluted, wildlife is killed, the natural food chain is altered and human health is compromised. We understand you want this vicious cycle of waste and pollution to end.

Paper Waste

Many of us often assume paper is an eco-friendly solution; however, there are some exceptions. Unfortunately, paper is the largest element in American landfills, as reported by ThoughtCo. Paper can take approximately 2-6 weeks in a landfill to decompose, but when the volume of trash is much greater than that of dirt, it can take much longer for this process. The process can be slowed when the paper is coated with a layer of plastic, a very common sight in the cosmetics industry. 

These harmful effects are extremely concerning. We understand you want better circumstances for the world, and this begins with your everyday decisions, like better product packaging. We are dedicated to look for the solution to this problem. 

A Better Plastic

Thankfully, not all plastics are bad. Certain types of thermoplastic can be recycled and reused to be used for future packaging. Plastic has a tight mechanical tolerance, allowing better product protection against oxidation, rancidity, and potential leakage. As an organic company, this is especially important to us, as we solely use natural preservatives, or no preservatives at all. We use 70% less plastic in our packaging, as compared to many conventional products. 

Mindful Packaging

When choosing Venics Organic, you can shop worry-free. We use recycled material for all of our packaging, printing them with non-toxic, soy ink. We do not bleach our recycled paper to avoid any additional toxic chemical content. We also do not apply plastic film lamination over our packaging, as this can cause the package to become non-recyclable. Finally, we apply a layer of soy oil on top of the product’s print to give it a natural, eco-friendly protection. 


We proudly use bamboo to complete our sustainable packaging. Bamboo is the fastest growing plant in the world, making it one of the most eco-friendly packaging options. To be ready for you to enjoy, bamboo must first be carbonized, meaning it is subjected to high heat, caramelizing the bamboo to give it a rich, dark hue. It is then baked to fully harden the material. Finally, the bamboo is shaped, manually polished, and coated, giving your product a sturdy, uniquely crafted finish. 

All the materials we selected are recyclable or biodegradable, together, we can make a difference. We have always striven to produce eco-friendly, sustainable packaging to protect not only your products, but the world, too.