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Glowy Skin Makeup Removing Cloth™ - VENICS
Glowy Skin Makeup Removing Cloth™ - VENICS
Glowy Skin Makeup Removing Cloth™ - VENICS

Glowy Skin Makeup Removing Cloth™

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What is it?

  • Our Glowy Skin Makeup Removing Cloth™ can easily take off a full face of makeup, including waterproof makeup.
  • Our ultra-soft cloth will take off every last bit of makeup at the end of the day, leaving your skin soft and glowy for bedtime.
  • This makeup removing cloth can be used up to 1,000 times, equivalent to approximately 4,000 single-use makeup wipes.


  1. EFFECTIVENESS: Our cloth effectively removes a full face of makeup. With the help of a little micellar water, your face will be completely makeup-free.
  2. SUPER SOFT We're saying goodbye to rough washcloths. Our cloth is made from super-soft materials, making it gentle enough for even the most sensitive skin types.
  3. 2X LARGER SIZE We provide more so you can do less. The Glowy Skin Makeup Removing Cloth is 2x the size of the standard makeup-removing cloth.
  4. ECO-FRIENDLY Produced with eco-friendly materials, our cloth is replacing thousands of single-use makeup wipes.
  5. CHEMICAL-FREE No more buying extra cleaning products. Our cloth is extremely easy to clean, remaining durable wash after wash.

How to use:

  • Option 1: With just water - Wet with water, and gently remove your makeup with the damp cloth. Move-in slow, gentle motions, remembering to not tug at the skin.
  • Option 2: With micellar water. Use the cloth to apply micellar water on to the face, and gently remove makeup.
  • Option 3: No makeup? No problem. Use our Glowy Skin Makeup Removing Cloth™ to gently cleanse your skin, too.
  • After use: Hand wash after use, or machine washes cold with similar fabrics.
  • Dry it after wash: Use the hook to hang to dry and ready for reuse.

How to clean it:

  1. Hand washes preferably with soap, or machine washes cold with similar fabrics.
  2. Hang to air dry and ready for reuse.

Product story:

Hundreds of tons of waste from single-use makeup wipes are filling landfills. The synthetic fibers in many of these products can't break down, and its harmful ingredients pollute our planet. We developed a sustainable, reusable solution. Made with ultra-soft fiber, our cloth takes off makeup easily.

Makeup removers can be tricky for sensitive skin, but this is the gentle solution you've been seeking.

Part of my daily struggle was finding makeup wipe alternatives that would remove my makeup effectively, and with zero-waste.

My passion for solving this problem lead to me trying so many solutions, but none of them were quite what I wanted. I found most options to be too harsh, too small, ineffective, or not durable. I wanted a face cloth that could cover my entire face, clean up the very last bit of makeup residual, and wash easily. I wanted a cloth I could rely on daily, one that was soft, non-irritating, and most importantly - sustainable.

Our cloth can be washed up to 1,000 times. This equals about 4,000 single-use makeup wipes, saving both money and the environment.

We are truly dedicated to our mission to always find the best solution for you and our world.

Material - may be placed before how to clean?

Designed with premium-quality polyester and ultra-fine microfibers, our cloth is highly water-absorbent, gently removing makeup from the skin.


Beauty accessories is an area that tends to produce a lot of excess waste, harming the environment. Most single-use, plastic packaging ends up in the landfill, polluting our earth and water.

Venics Beauty is on a mission to provide sustainable and high-performance beauty accessory solutions.
As a brand, Venics is 100% vegan-friendly and cruelty-free. We use recyclable packaging across our entire range, doing our part to care for our environment.
Our mission is beyond beauty. Your purchase goes much further than your doorstep - it goes worldwide to help provide for children fighting hunger. For each product sold, we donate $1 to GlobalGiving to feed children in need. Learn more about our partnership with GlobalGiving here.


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